LogoTextPentaMet professionals, all with decades of refractory metals experience, provide practical solutions in the areas of process, new product and applications development; marketing; business analysis; equipment engineering and troubleshooting; and due diligence support during the acquisition process. All of our client interactions are confidential.

Process, New Product and Applications Development

  • Process design, development, troubleshooting, improvement; product characterization, field failure analysis.


  • Market evaluation:  size, products, entry requirements, competitors, suppliers, end users.
  • Risk assessment:  barriers to entry, opportunities, technology, substitution, outlook.

Business Analysis

  • Operations analysis, supply chain strategy, production planning, scheduling, inventory control.

Equipment Engineering and Troubleshooting

  • Equipment evaluation, selection, plant design and layout, troubleshooting.

Due Diligence Support

  • Operations, technology, and market assessment.  Integration of acquisitions into the parent company.