George Robinson


George Robinson has over 40 years of experience in the refractory metals and semiconductor support industries. He has shown his leadership in many roles including:
• Sales Manager
• Vice President of Sales and Marketing
• President


During his career he has worked with companies in numerous industries in a variety of market and technology arenas and geographic areas:
• National laboratories
• Aerospace & defense
• Chemicals
• Semiconductor processing
• Telecommunications
• Nuclear energy
• United States
• Europe
• Asia
• Middle East

George’s success is due to his skill in developing products that meet market needs. Among his strengths are:
• An ability to identify and capitalize on new and untapped markets, driving profitability and growth
• Capacity to understand customer and client problems, and to provide solutions for those problems
• Expertise in the design and development of complex assemblies that function in severe operating environments and thus require specialty metals
• Extensive knowledge in the application of refractory metals and other unique high-temperature materials
• A large network of associates who bring specific skills to the solution of clients’ problems

His approach to market growth is to:
• Identify customers and applications that require materials with unique properties
• Design a material system and a process that satisfies the performance requirements
• Integrate the new material system into the client’s process
• Work with the client to improve the process and reduce costs
• George is a graduate of Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Science Degree.