Joseph A. Hoffman


Joe Hoffman is an experienced senior executive who has held positions as Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Operations, and General Manager serving the medical, aerospace, industrial, and electronics markets. Joe worked over 35 years in the metals industry including 23 years dedicated to manufacturing molybdenum, tungsten, and tungsten alloy products. Joe has worked with customers world-wide to develop applications for refractory metals.

Joe is the Managing Principal of PentaMet Associates LLC which was formed in 2008. He has completed projects in the United States, Europe and China:
• Project Management including the installation of a hot rolling mill and support equipment.
• Process and product development of molybdenum and tungsten rolling operations. Joe assisted clients to expand their product portfolio to new markets.
• Support to financial and strategic buyers prior to completing acquisitions in the refractory metals industry. This included reviews of business operations and market analysis.
• Assisted clients to identify slow-moving inventory and introduce inventory control procedures to improve inventory turnover.
• Implemented improved planning and scheduling procedures to reduce operating costs and improve product flow.

As Vice President of Molybdenum and Tungsten Operations for H. C. Starck, Inc. Joe managed operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and China with sales turnover of $260 million and 550 employees.
• He was a key leader in the start-up of Chinese operations near Shanghai in 2007.
• Joe consolidated operations in the UK, Germany and the US to realize economies of scale, optimize efficiencies, and reduce costs.
• Joe led the acquisition of a machine shop which provided the capability and capacity to double sales of machined products.
• Joe was named business man of the year in Euclid, Ohio in 2007 for the company’s contribution to business expansion in the community.

Joe is an experienced leader who understands cultural differences. He has forged high performance teams spanning international boundaries by setting a vision and goals, reinforcing teamwork, utilizing cultural strengths, and maintaining a company focus.

Joe served as Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of CSM Industries, Inc., a private company with revenues of $130 million.
• Joe managed company activities including sales, marketing, operations, and engineering.
• Sales revenue, EBITDA, and the value of the company increased more than 2.5 times in five years through acquisitions, increased market share, and new product development.
• Joe successfully integrated European and US acquisitions by adopting superior business practices, identifying synergies to reduce costs, and turning weaknesses into projects for improvement.
• Successful acquisitions resulted from recognizing management talent in the acquired companies and utilizing their skills and experience to strengthen CSM.
• A Components & Fabrications business unit was formed to take advantage of the acquired capabilities and sales revenue increased from $11 million to $53 million over a six year period.
• CSM Industries was acquired by H. C. Starck in 2000.

Prior to CSM, Joe held positions in industrial engineering and production planning with LTV Steel Company.
Joe’s education includes:
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Administration and Management Science from Carnegie Mellon University.
• Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a Systems Management concentration from Baldwin-Wallace University.