A manufacturer required additional equipment capability to enter new and emerging markets.  The company did not have the resources to complete the engineering nor to supervise installation of the equipment.

PentaMet located used equipment suitable for the application, completed general design plans, supervised detailed engineering, identified contractors and supervised installation.  The project included:

  • Evaluating equipment on the market and determining the most suitable unit for the application.
  • Bringing sub-contractors from the PentaMet network of experienced consultants on board for the project.
  • General design of the primary machinery and material handling equipment, completion of general layout drawings at the client’s site and review with management.
  • Supervision of detailed engineering and design.
  • Preparation of a capital budget including project timing.
  • Identifying contractors, obtaining competitive quotes and client approval.
  • Supervision of the contractors through equipment start-up and shake-down.

The project was completed in three months less time and one million dollars less than budget quotes from an engineering firm.  Capital cost of the project was less than 3% over the original budget established before obtaining competitive quotes.