The principals of PentaMet Associates, LLC have a long-standing relationship with one another in the refractory metals business, bringing together experience in operations, sales, marketing, process and product development, and research. PentaMet has advised clients on all aspects of business related to refractory metals and other high temperature, high tech materials.


  • To provide our clients with solutions to their business practice, design, manufacturing, and application problems related to refractory metals.

Background and experience

  • PentaMet principals  each have over 25 years of diverse experience in the refractory metals and other high-tech materials-related industries
  • PentaMet also has access to a network of experienced consultants with a wide range of specialized refractory metals experience.


  • Inventory and operations analysis
  • Project Management
  • Production Analysis – mill products – fabricated parts
  • Failure Analysis
  • Due diligence and evaluation of potential acquisitions
  • Product and process development
  • Product marketing and sales
  • Applications engineering

Process, New Product and Applications Development

  • Process design, development, troubleshooting, improvement; product characterization, field failure analysis.


  • Market evaluation:  size, products, entry requirements, competitors, suppliers, end users.
  • Risk assessment:  barriers to entry, opportunities, technology, substitution, outlook.

Business Analysis

  • Operations analysis, supply chain strategy, production planning, scheduling, inventory control.

Equipment Engineering and Troubleshooting

  • Equipment evaluation, selection, plant design and layout, troubleshooting.

Due Diligence Support

  • Operations, technology, and market assessment.  Integration of acquisitions into the parent company.