PentaMet works with both domestic and overseas clients in support of both business and process development. We provide detailed analyses in support of capital investment strategy, and we provide recommendations to improve existing manufacturing processes and create new processes that improve our clients’ competitive position.


PentaMet has worked with manufacturers worldwide to evaluate the market potential for refractory metal products. We supply accurate, up-to-date information to our clients about market structure and competitive landscape.

Business Analysis

PentaMet analyzed production scheduling and inventory control procedures for a US manufacturer and recommended improvements which improved inventory turnover, product yields and scheduling efficiency.


PentaMet located equipment to process refractory metals for a US manufacturer.  The project involved modification of the equipment, detailed design of material handling equipment, securing quotes from vendors and installation on the customer site.


PentaMet worked with several US manufacturers to analyze equipment and process failures and recommended changes to improve processes and eliminate equipment failures.

Due Diligence

PentaMet assisted private equity and strategic buyers in the US and Europe to analyze potential acquisitions of manufacturers in the refractory metals industry.  PentaMet visited manufacturing operations and reviewed prospectus assumptions to identify risks and opportunities for the prospective buyers.